Research, UX, Wireframes, Business model

Holistic Medicine Platform

This was a research and service design project for an early-stage startup. The main objective was to define a monetisation model integrated with the service by identifying the most valuable exchange points according to the user needs.

The Process

To help my client develop a creative business model, I started by conducting user research, creating personas and analysing case studies from successful businesses in other industries.


Then, I mapped the user journeys and the service, including the two main types of users, their interactions and highlighting the points where they get more value. Together with the client, we started playing around with the map, modifying it to improve the experience, proposing hypotheses around user behaviour and possible pain points. After a couple of iterations, we had an improved service blueprint.


Finally, following a user-centred approach, we identified the points where the customer could get the most value, in order to develop a coherent monetisation strategy, business model and route to market.


I then created the site’s architecture and conceptual wireframes.


I was able to guide my client through an innovation journey by building a little playground, in the form of mind maps, improving their understanding of the business, and giving them the ability to make better decisions while they grow.

Holistic Health Platform