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Branding Workshops for Entrepreneurs

This is a design workshop I led as part of an accelerator program for entrepreneurial refugees. The objective was to design logos for these new businesses by applying design thinking techniques to define their brand and co-create their logo.

The Process

We reflected on the personality of their brands, their unique selling points and how to visually represent and abstract those attributes, which is usually part of the designers’ process. After the workshop, I took the ideas and made the final logos for them.


Then we created mood boards to decide on the style of the brand and how to use these principles on the different products and promotional materials to keep a coherent image in the future.


Guiding the entrepreneurs through that thought process helped them visualise with better clarity some aspects of their businesses. Interestingly, the process of (visual) abstraction helped them to make their ideas concrete. And that clarity gave them confidence in what they were building.

Branding Workshops for Entrepreneurs